Thursday, August 1, 2013

For The Longest Time

I have been wanting to send this out into the interwebs and I could not. I could not say these things for fear that they would affect the person who is most important to me. I bit my tongue and waited.

Today, I wait no longer.

My husband's boss is the most insecure, incompetent, ridiculous excuse for management I have ever seen. If you've read this blog and know about the ass hat I work for, you know this is really saying something. This woman has made up HR policies, gotten caught, come up with excuses, undermined her staff, covered her tracks and used other people to corroborate a lie. Then she did something I didn't think she had in her.

This person is my husband's EX boss.

You see, today she unceremoniously skipped details like coaching, leading by example, mentoring and talking like an adult human being, never mind  acting like a professional in her field and went ahead and terminated his employment.

No. No, we are not upset. No, it is not a big deal. No, this is not a bad thing.

You see- sometimes you need someone to pat you on the back when you are on the edge of greatness. She gave all she could and put her foot right in his ass.  I can only repeat what he said: Thank you.


He wouldn't leave until he had a new job. He was miserable. We were miserable. A weight has been lifted. A 5 foot 4, tan skinned, dark haired, sad assed weight. Her name is Patsy Flores. That's right. And she is an IT manager for Dish Network. Yep, that just happened. It's called the First Amendment. And this is called a blog. And what she did is called bullshit. You don't like what I have to say? Shove it up your half-brained ass. This is all shit you could find on LinkedIN, just with some lowdown for you.

But all of that is secondary to this:

Thank you.

Thank you for finally cutting the tie that our family had to the worst company to work for in America (two years running! Congrats Dish!)  Go look it up. I'm not even kidding.

I am so glad to no longer have any connection to an organization that would continue the employment of this person. The one they called a manager, yet she was so worried about her own appearance that she neglected key management functions like: supervising her employees, monitoring progress, working with those that need encouragement, listening to feedback and working on constructive management to get people the tools they need to do their best work. But then again, she has been with Dish a LONG time. So its not hard to see where she learned these tactics.

We sat there for three years while she slowly tore apart everything that worked, drove people out and ignored warnings about the outcomes. Then she assigned a task that could not be done, and used that to justify termination. Wow.

Go ahead, hire someone else to replace him. They will take one whiff of your crazy and start backing away slowly....

Wonder why the guy you moved out to Phoenix found a job 8 months later? With an organization that takes 6 months to get hired? After 2 months, he had applied elsewhere. Probably after 2 days. After you paid relocation costs. What does that tell you about how you manage?

Haven't been able to keep your local IT staff at full level in 3 years? Hmmm? No worries, must be those good for nothing employees. The same ones that are serving their clients everyday. The same ones that care about making sure things are done right and everyone has what they need. The ones you were entrusted to 'lead'.

You, ma'am are an ass. Good riddance and good luck being you. Because as far as we are concerned, every day we wake up and we are not you, we win!

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