Monday, April 29, 2013


I am the worst viewer in the history of television. Advertisers, writers, producers and actors would hate to ever have to please a demographic made up solely of people like me. I cannot stand to sit through a whole show let alone a series and heaven help you if you think I'm going to remember that I'm supposed to watch again starting next October. Yeah, I put that right in the iPhone calendar. I'm on it.

There are a few shows, however, that by virtue of the fact that my husband watches them, I actually know what is going on. Coupled with the incessant need for every show to 'catch you up' on what's happening, I can miss several episodes and still know what is going on with nary but a few quick questions...

In the case of one particular show those questions run the line of:  "Isn't he gay?" "Wasn't he married to the redhead? No, the other redhead..." and I must tell you,  this Game of Thrones is a show that I have not only watched, but  it also has the almost godlike ability to suck me into its ridiculous fictional drama because it provided me the inspiration to coin the term "Brotherfucker". I know she has a 'real' name and I used to know it, but Brotherfucker is way funnier. I was so surprised that her father is going to make her marry the gay boy that I shouted my new term right out loud. It sounded so good I started using it like Samuel L. Jackson and had to calm down.

Thankfully we have the good sense to get our kid in bed way before thinking about watching this show. I still DVR and skip all the commercials, but television- if you keep finding gems like this incestuous mess, I will do my best to watch a show or two. Plus, I know I am not the only one that realizes what a medieval porno the whole thing is. Reality shows are a heap of dung compared to what people can make up in their own minds.

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