Monday, April 1, 2013

Change Your Life

Many times, starting in my mid twenties, I found myself fond of a particular phrase: It will change your life! I would tell people about a certain thing I had used or place I had been and in telling them, would attempt to sway their opinion about this amazing new concept by telling them that it really, in fact, would be so different than anything they knew before that it would change how they saw everything. This phrase worked perfect for communicating to my circle of friends and acquaintances just how perfect that new gelato place by my house was, or what some new website could do for them. I use it to convey to people how they will never again be able to eat another donut that is not from the wonderful Bosa Donuts once they have had a mere bite of the delectable cloud of perfection contained in that box.

In my opinion, everything changed your life. Every.Single.Thing.

People would interject that there should be some variation of this, that they weren't sure they believed that whatever it was could really alter their existence in any way shape or form. They wanted a Homeland Security color coded graph of just HOW much it would change their life. People are short sighted like that. Why would you want to quantify changing your life? This could only serve to assist you in weeding out opportunities, making your world smaller and leaving room for only the most shattering of changes. The only time you notice something would be an earthquake.

Is that what you really want?

Here is my proposal: Change your life. All of it. A little at a time. In big ways and in small. I know, I love your life and everything in it. Great. Then change it by doing more for your community with the talents you have. Go out and find something great and share the information with others. Not everything has to be a Hollywood directive to dump your spouse, move across the country or the world and start all over while ditching all of your responsibilities.

I offer to you, the people of Earth and believers in what is real- go out there and ADD to it. Find your cause.  Look high and low until you find a reason that today is beautiful and then help make it that great for the next person you see.  Change is inevitable and beautiful. Nothing is the same. Winter comes every year but no two winters are alike. We stand in awe of the changing nature of the outdoor world and we forget how malleable human beings are. Change that bad habit you hate. Change that you hate. Change it up to make it better. Then find something else to change. Don't wait for something to be 'worth' changing. There is no bar graph on this, you have to do it because you want to, not because it is 'important' enough. Sometimes the smallest of changes make enormous impacts. How will you know?

Drink more water today. Hold a handshake and look them in the eye. Give yourself a break. Take the walk you always say you want to take. Go on that hike you tell people on your dating profile that you love to do. You know what you really want to change. You are the keeper of that secret knowledge. Today, I challenge you, I beseech you-make any little change at all. Most importantly, don't be afraid. You will need to do it again and again and again.

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