Monday, April 15, 2013

The Last Stand


I hope you will join me in thoughts of hope and healing for those affected today in Boston. There are not words to express my sympathy for everyone involved in this fatal attack. We do not know who or when or why but we know human beings' blood has been spilled unnecessarily in a way meant to incite fear in all of us.

We have had our share of homegrown wackos in this country before but I fear we are starting to see a trend of the roadside terrorist, looming at potentially every corner of every busy city.We are not looking to NBC anymore, we are seeing this right here.

Those that would throw away human lives to make a point about their ugly message deserve nothing from us, so don't give them your fear. Don't give them your shock. Don't give them your horror. Turn your attention to the skilled hands of those who will lift the wounded and save their lives, who will carry the dead and mourn them properly. Put all of your thought into those hands and to them doing their best work today.

Today I am grieved for the human race. We are better than this. Nature removes those species who cannot make it and progress further. We will be dinosaurs and take ourselves out of the equation with our own guns and bombs if we do not progress from these destructive forces.

Look to your higher selves. Find your message, learn the truth and speak with a soft and sure tongue. Leave the judgement of others to those we have elected to do such things. Send all of the positive feeling you have to the ones who will bring this justice. And if we are lucky, peace.

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