Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Are We Angry At Jenny McCarthy?

Oh man, it has finally happened. The gates of hell have opened and a former Playmate with nothing going on in her life has found relevance again. The View, a daytime talk show I have never once in my life had the misfortune to be forced to watch, has hired this gem to be a co-host on their show. You know her as a beautiful blonde, she has been in Hollywood for over two decades and despite an acting, modeling and voice over career, she is most famous for her anti-vaccination views...its Jeeeeennnnnyyyy McCraaaazypants! Cue the quiz show theme music, kids. I have questions to ask!

Is the reason we hate Jenny McCarthy because she has crazy views? Is it because she is a quasi-celebrity who used her status to promote said  foolish and harmful views? Is it because she is a pretty blonde who dared to talk about anything other than things that were appropriate for "lifestyle" columns, gossip mags and Cosmopolitan? Is it because she refuses to read? Because she thinks science is a general concept and not the way humans have accepted as our form for finding out truths about the world?

Or is it because we are afraid?

I'll explain.

I think the reason we are all up in arms over Ms. McCarthy being given a spot on a vapid television program that has had more than its share of 'flat-earth society dwellers' (A-HEM, Sherri Shepherd) is that we are afraid. We are afraid that people watch this drivel. Which they do. Lots of people watch. You don't watch, and I don't watch. We have other things to do. But people do. Some people. Some......mostly.....women.... watch this show.

So we are afraid that Jenny McCarthy's views that vaccinations cause autism and that her son is proof and that by not vaccinating your children your are sparing them from this terrible fate, will be swallowed whole by swarms of zombie-robot female viewers, who will then decide they cannot in good conscience ever vaccinate their child again?

I don't often write about current events, but ...come on. I think about as highly of Ms. McCarthy and her views as I do the gum I got off my shoe earlier today. If you think that stay at home moms, those who work swing shifts, women with small children and the entire viewing population of ABC during the daytime are so stupid as to accept her ideas (which have long been refuted by science) without a second thought, I am concerned. 

Are you saying that daytime television viewers are stupid? That women are stupid? That women who watch the show to catch up on current events and assure themselves that Barbara Walters is still alive cannot be trusted to get information that is valid from another source, such as a pediatrician, or I don't know...any research study ever done on the subject? They must have already killed their kids with their own stupidity and negligence by now, then.

This has me concerned. See, I think JM is an idiot. An especially pretty, television-ready idiot with controversial views. Why are you all surprised? This is why they had Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the show so long. People don't watch to get their news. The either want their current ideas validated or to laugh at someone who thinks differently. The women that watch this show already know whether or not they believe in science or in Jenny. And trust me, those putting their money in the coffers of the anti-vax movement are not likely to be swayed any more than you and I are about the importance of making sure our children and their neighbors, friends, etc. do not die of preventable childhood diseases. You already chose your side of this battle.

And lets, face it- we all know why she is on the show. There is a systematic process for deciding who to invite to the show. You want to hit every demographic. The premise of the show is laughable at best, but look how successful it is to pit differing views against each other. And to have women do it? Perpetuate the 'cat fight' story line we are all so sick of in the workplace?Perfect...some watch for real, the others for laughs..doesn't matter. You get the advertising revenue either way, don't you ABC? A fluff ball like Jenny McCarthy with her tits in her lap to boot? Well, who could blame you, right? You're just trying to make ends meet. We get it.

Lighten up a little, America. Let the idiot get out there and show her stuff. This might be her last chance before she is snorting coke off a back table of a titty bar trying to get "Mack" to hire her, so let's go easy on her. The more you protest, the more it sounds like you think your ideas are best and no one else's can be heard. The more you wring your hands over dumb mommies in the midwest watching this twit, the further it pushes women back. Let's let this terrible ship sail. 

And while we are at it, let's take a break on being angry at Jenny McCarthy's lack of interest in science. She is a body that was taught to talk and is going to be deluged by producers quick to make a buck on her stupidity. She needs this gig...Its not like she has a career in law to fall back on. 

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