Monday, November 19, 2012

Epic Shitstorm

I have had a storm brewing. An Epic Shitstorm to be exact. This storm has been in position, waiting to strike for a long time. There have been smaller storms, times when in my anger and frustration, I tried to sit down and explain how we could avoid the Epic Shitstorm. I tried to tell the townspeople there was trouble and to do things to avoid making it worse.

But they thought they knew better than I do.

Today's list comes to you courtesy of my full time ass hat of a boss. This jerk thinks that if he storms around, bullying everyone into feeling bad, neglects key administrative duties, spends money in strange ways, promotes some people while ignoring others and whines enough about how hard it is, we'll all care. This management style is not very popular, to say the least.


Whoops. I started writing this post about 4 days ago. I stayed home Friday, gave up on it, and today it came to me why.

This is crap. I don't want to finish this post. This is not what I was put on the earth to do. I am not interested in pulling this negativity nearer to myself. This is powerful hatred of the first order and the longer I hang onto it, the more it consumes who and what I really am. And what I should be doing. Making a list of the reasons my boss sucks a bag of dicks does not help me. Boy, this blog thing is therapeutic. I just saved thousands by switching to sanity!

Most of the time my thinking is like a thick fog of smoke, but right now its clear as a bell. Everyone knows they are destined for greatness from a young age. The problem is that as you get older, you forget what you knew. It doesn't change. You do. Your expectations and experience and 'wisdom' get in the way. You get mired in thoughts of how much you hate someone and lose sight of how awesome you are. Focus on the positive. They look incredibly dull next to your brilliance. The reason they seem so petty is because you can see through all of it. The meaningless bribes are irritating to you because your self esteem is too high to be bought with junk. If you weren't so great, they wouldn't seem so terrible.

The lesson therefore, is to only pay attention to the forward motion you are making. Everything that is not on par with this will fade into the shadows of obscurity. For me, this means writing about funny things and irritating things alike, but nothing that is unworthy of my time.

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