Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Probably Shouldn't Post

You should never shop for groceries when you are hungry. For the same reason, you should never post to your blog when you want to backhand someone who works with you. Because you'll eat their face off without even considering how many calories might be in it.

I don't like to think about what I should and shouldn't do. As one of the new interesting people I know said to me "We SHOULD all over ourselves and all over each other...we really ought to think about not leaving our SHOULD everywhere and instead approach people, situations, and things without expecting that we already know what is best for everyone" Sage advice, new friend. Sage advice.

Therefore I will go shopping when I am hungry and post whatever I damn well please. I'll be careful not to mention names but suffice it to say, this character is on my last nerve. I have a problem with entitlement, I always seem to get my feathers in a ruffle when someone thinks their needs are paramount to everything else and skips over the normal course of business in a way that 'jumps the line' so to speak. The individual in question was born to be entitled. This person thinks their purpose in life is so astoundingly great that they must interrupt you to let you know and lest you forget, they will insist on putting their needs ahead of everyone else EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT HERE. Which is a bit over the line. Really.

In order to not send emails that would effectively relieve me of my position, I am taking the high road and posting on my blog to relate to my readership what a bunch of shit dick morons I work with. There, all better. Thanks for stopping in. Have a candy on your way out. They're entitlement-free!

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