Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is It For You? Or Against You?

When you see something in your path, be it a $20 bill, a brick or a puddle of oil - how do you see it?

Is the item for you? Did the universe bless you with an unexpected surprise of money? Is the brick a challenge to overcome, a reminder of what you have already overcome, or is it a weapon to hurl? Is the puddle of oil a reminder of abundance, a distraction that slows you down just enough to be out of the way of an accident? Or is it there just to help you slip and fall and ruin your day?

In short, when you look at the world- do you see it as a resource filled place, just waiting for you to add your talents and stir, then extract all life has to offer?

Or do you see the world as a scary place, as a place full of danger and terror, things that are not right and will threaten your existence and your peace of mind?

The perspective we have of things often dictates what those things are to us and how they behave and react in accordance with our own actions. We can lose sight of things, situations and people, if we don't respect what they are, instead only how our fears can make them seem to us.

Stop trying to decide if you are a 'better' person because you see the glass either half empty or half full. Either way there is water in that glass. No one doubts that reality.

The question I am asking is- will it nourish you? Or will it drown you?

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